From the early days of rattles and whistles forward to modern radios and mobiles, these pages present the origin and follow the development of policing in Britain. Steeped in tradition yet advancing with the times, the fascinating histories of police forces from Aberdare Canal Police to Zetland County Police await you here.

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— The Journal of British Police History —


We are pleased to publish issue fifteen of our quarterly Journal.

It features articles on:

Maryhill Police Honourable Service Medal,
Manchester City Police Wireless at Heaton Park,
West Midlands Police Museum,
Tin Hat Police,
Policing the Thames in 1912,
The King's Crown Cap Badges of the Metropolitan Police and much more.

We hope you enjoy this fifteenth instalment:
The Journal of British Police History
Summer 2022

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The London and India Docks Police, Surrey Commercial Dock Company Police and Millwall Dock Company Police joined to form the Port of London Authority Police on 01 March 1909. At that time, they were so badly clothed they were known as the "pantomime police". By the 1930's, their situation had improved where their pay was as good as that of the Metropolitan Police.
In foggy weather, Port of London Authority Policemen found their way around with the aid of sticks about 6 ft in length and wore life jackets over their top coats as a safeguard in case they fell into the river.
In 1955, pay was 9 18s 9d per week, rising to 11 19s per week with a free uniform. In today's money, this amounts to approximately 213.53 to 256.24 per week.

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